moma goes to brooklyn

Photo courtesy of happycorp

New York's Museum of Modern Art has taken over the Atlantic Avenue/Pacific Street station in Brooklyn - by replacing ad space with reproductions of works from its permanent collection.

I'm all for exposing art to the masses, a la Transport for London's Platform for Art campaign. What's even cooler is the integration and thought process that went into such a well-rounded undertaking.

According to the Creativity article...
  • Street teams handed out brochures and maps of the exhibit
  • On the campaign website, visitors can download an audio tour for more info about 10 of the 58 pieces on display
  • Calling a posted 1-800 number gives users additional information about the project and connects them with the membership department
  • Typing in a three-digit code plays an audio track with artwork information
  • Museum educators also offered tours of the subway exhibit
The exhibit, in conjunction with thehappycorp, runs through March 15th. If you're in NYC, be sure to check it out!

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