if it ain't broke, don't fix it

I've been out of the state for several weeks and, upon return, was alarmed to discover the new Texas driver license. My friends have been dissing it on Facebook and with good reason: it's hideous. Think 1980s meets Small Town, USA with a color palette that the designer most likely chose while hungover.

The last redesign was in 2001. I'm not crazy about the one I have now, but I think it looks official and can be taken seriously (as compared to Hawaii's - think McLovin from Superbad). It's Texas-y without repping the stereotypical cowboy boots and tumbleweeds.

Since the redesigned license went into effect in April, I'm kicking myself for not updating my permanent address a few months ago. Now I have to bide my time 'til April 2010 - when I have no choice but to renew my license.

Maybe I'll wear blue eyeshadow and my best scrunchie for the occasion.

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  1. Yeah, but have you seen the license plates?

    I've started a revolution against bad design for anything "officially Texan": http://redoyall.tumblr.com


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