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After doing some research, I was still torn between Lee Leffingwell and Brewster McCracken in Austin's mayoral race. My boyfriend and I even decided to skip early voting and cast our ballots on Saturday (election day) instead so we could marinate on the decision.

So after checking online a little after midnight yesterday to see who won, I was dismayed to discover there's now a runoff between Leffingwell and McCracken. Leffingwell garnered 47% of the vote and was just three percentage points shy of victory.

With 27% of the vote, McCracken will have his work cut out for him.

In a twist of fate, this runoff with cost taxpayers even more. It's ironic because only 13% of registered voters - roughly 58,400 people - in Austin cast their ballot in this election.

What happened to the widely espoused ideas of change and hope that took hold during Obama's campaign?

It's crucial to elect officials who can turn this economy around while still staying true to and protecting all that makes Austin so unique. It truly saddens me that people continue to sit around and complain but fail to take it upon themselves to be the catalyst for change.

Austin, I knew you were weird. I just didn't know you were indifferent.

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