go green in '09

Target has been making a solid effort as of late at stocking more and more environmentally friendly options for the masses. Products are grouped into three (predictable) categories: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Target's Garment Hanger Reuse/Recycle Program kept roughly 411 million hangers from entering landfills in 2007 alone - and the corporation has recycled more than 980 million pounds of cardboard. Opting for more energy-efficient lighting in stores has yielded more than an 80% savings in annual energy costs.

They even accept batteries and cell phones to be recycled, with proceeds benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

I bought some sustainably-sourced bamboo pillows from Target a few months ago and am more than pleased with my choice. Sure, it was a few dollars more, but it gives me peace at night to know I gave our planet a moment or two to breathe.

And I just have to say, if I ever have a kid she'll for sure be sporting some organic baby apparel from Target. So adorable!

If this is a shade of green things to come, I can't wait.

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