make the kindest cut of all

Anyone who knows me knows that my hair is my thing. I used to have straight hair as a little girl, but once I hit adolescence - bam! - my hair was difficult. Thick as hell, slightly wavy, and oh so frizzy.

I was in hair limbo 'til I met my current stylist. With a few brandishes of his razor, I finally felt like my hair reflected who I was - fun, creative and unique.

A few months ago it dawned on me: what about people everywhere who claim their hair to be their thing, like me, but then lose it during their battle with cancer?

A recent study revealed that nearly 60% of women consider hair loss the most dreaded side effect they face when undergoing chemotherapy. Real-hair wigs can cost as much as $1,200 and are often only partially covered by health insurance.

That, along with several personal reasons, inspired me to cut off more than eight inches last month for Pantene Beautiful Lengths. At the time of my donation, they worked with the American Cancer Society to craft wigs for women who experienced hair loss due to cancer treatment.

I'm not trying to preach to you from my soap box on high, but I will ask you this: please at least consider donating your hair the next time you feel like lopping off eight inches or more. It takes six ponytails to make one wig.

And now, the before and after pictures. Drum roll, please!

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