obsessive consumption

I stumbled across the Obsessive Consumption: What did you buy today? blog a few days ago and have officially become an addict. From deodorant to a pepper grinder, she basically turns everyday purchases into amazingly graphic line art. My favorite? The airport grilled cheese.

Unfortunately for me, and maybe you too, her 2009 magazine subscription offer has already sold out. I'll just have to hold out 'til March 2010 (jeez, that sounds scary!) for her book with 650 of Kate's drawings in color.

She also has cool stuff on Etsy, like this hilarious Holy Annual Percentage Rates Guts pillow. Here's her description:
This pillow is 24 inches by 24 inches (BIG MAMMA).
Constructed out of vintage fabric with a new pillow insert.

This pillow's materials were found in Mississippi and Alabama at various thrift stores and estate sales.

You may use this pillow to throw your entire body into it as you wail away about how high your interest rates are on your credit cards.

If you order a pillow I will also throw in some other Obsessive Consumption Swag.

As brilliant as it is, I don't think I could ever bring myself to fork over $200 for a pillow, regardless of how life-alteringly fabulous it is. But I'll keep on dreamin'!

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