whitney port does not a carrie bradshaw make

I'll be the first to admit that The Hills is one of my guilty pleasures. And that it used to actually be interesting. This past season I would watch it just to sharpen my sarcasm saw and shriek "are you kidding me?!" at the TV. All in good fun, really.

Until I saw this. The New York Post's Page Six dared ponder: Is Whitney Port the New Carrie Bradshaw?

If she is, I must be the Queen Mum. I'll be sure to let The Post know.

Out of the four Sex & the City girls, I've always related to (and loved) Carrie the most. So when I read the article, I think a little part of me died. She's an eloquent writer with equal amounts of optimism and sarcasm. And, of course, a fixation with fashion. Whitney? Not so much.

Here's The Posts's reasoning:
With The City's focus on friends, fashion, love life and nightlife—and with her caramel curls and joie de vivre—Whitney just might end up being NYC's new Carrie Bradshaw.
Don't get me wrong. Whitney was easily the most human-like character on The Hills. But after watching her never-before-seen initial interview at Teen Vogue with Lisa Love, I couldn't help but want to smack some sense into this poor girl. If you missed it, let's recap: Lisa Love asks Whitney who her favorite designers are, to which Whitney replies along the lines of "I don't have any."

But, as we all know, she got the internship anyway. True, Carrie also worked at Vogue. The real Vogue. If she had interviewed, she would have waxed poetically about Prada and Jimmy Choo for hours. Carrie would have rather been caught dead in a scrunchie and Candie's in Jersey than tell a Vogue editor she had no favorite designers.

It looks like Miss Port has some big Manolos to fill.

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