the lush life

You always know when you've stumbled across a Lush shop because you can smell it long before you can find it.

What is Lush, you ask? It's like the saucy, rebellious (and British!) daughter of Aveda and The Body Shop.

Infamous for being fresh, handmade and using little to no preservatives or packaging, Lush is also an excellent example of branding. Here's a snippet of Lush's Core Beliefs:
We believe in long candlelit baths, sharing showers, massage, filling the world with perfume and in the right to make mistakes, lose everything and start again.

* We also believe words like fresh and organic have honest meaning beyond marketing.
Lush is also the purported creator of the now-ubiquitous bath bomb. Here's a tip: when the airport security guard asks what's in your carry-on, don't say "bath bomb."

Even better news: Lush finally has a South Texas outpost in San Antonio. Oddly enough, Austin is still lacking in that department. Word has it that one was slated to open at The Domain, but an agreement was never reached.

If you're a Lush newbie, allow me to make some recommendations (but don't blame me for your future addiction):
They also have fun stuff, like the Too Drunk... emotibomb. And most of the products are vegan. The staff are ridiculously knowledgeable and always seem to be having a blast.


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  1. Oh, might I add that Karma Komba is my favorite solid shampoo from Lush. Godiva is my second. :)


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