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I'm asked a lot by friends and family where I get recipes from. I used to look to Food Network a lot, but I'm kind of over the whole celebrity chef thing. Plus I got royally screwed by a Paul Deen recipe once.

When searching for Valentine's Day dinner ideas a few years ago, I stumbled across hundreds (probably thousands) of recipes from Whole Foods online. That chicken piccata, chocolate cashew pie, horchata or those cheese and bell pepper enchiladas I've made? All thanks to those creative geniuses over at Whole Foods.

You can even browse by certain criteria, like dish type, main ingredient, conveniences and special diet. The food guides are pretty awesome, too. I learned how to substitute refined sugar for more natural sweeteners here.

In keeping in line with the Whole Foods vibe, the recipes range from positively decadent to uber healthy. It's no surprise the ingredients call for Whole Foods' brands, but to save a hefty chunk-o-change you can usually find the ingredients at any grocery store.

And if I can't (like that time I needed brown rice syrup) I'll make a special pilgrimage to Whole Foods. It's a win-win, really.

I'll be testing out farfalle pasta with winter pesto this week. As for you, my friend: happy searching!

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  1. you make a mean enchilada... I don't care if its WF's recipe... you made it.


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